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Ciao, I'm Chef Gianni Ceschia,

I was born and raised in Friuli, Italy and I have spent my life sharing authentic Italian recipes: I brought them with me when I travelled the world as a young man and I have not stopped since. I'm proud to share that since the 1980s, I have been a chef in the Toronto area, and  being an Italian chef in Canada has opened more opportunities for me than I had ever imagined. I have been able to share my authentic recipes with the world through my televised cooking show, L'arte Di Cucinare, where I have been able to step into your kitchen and share my passion for authentic Italian food, that reminds me of home.

With every recipe I share with my viewers and customers, I honour my culture and upbringing and also have a chance to teach people that authentic Italian recipes call for only the freshest and most natural ingredients that nature has to offer. It didn't take me long to realize that most people do not have enough time to regularly create well-balanced and authentic Italian meals, which lead me to my most recent journey: making ready-made ‘heat and serve’ Italian food for everyone to enjoy.

Finally, my dream of making authentic Italian food more effortless for you to serve to your family came true. I named my new food line “Finally...” to honour my journey and mission as a chef and to share my Italian roots with you through traditional inspired premade products. We have created delicious and natural sauces, soups, and meats for your family to enjoy without the kitchen mess or time required.

I use the beauty of natural ingredients to create balanced meals and I never add preservatives. Italian cooking styles and high-quality ingredients can be found in everything I create for you. I have always believed that when one is working in a kitchen, a relationship with the ingredients must be first established in order to create meals of excellence, and I promise that I do this with everything you can find here.

Finally… authentic Italian food for you to enjoy.
Finally… freshly made Italian food with natural hand-picked ingredients.
Finally… I am here cooking for you.

Buon appetito,
Chef Gianni Ceschia