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How It Works!

You Select


Mix and match from a variety of sauces, pastas, pizzas and more! All authentically prepared by Chef Gianni.
We Deliver


Enjoy SAME DAY delivery for orders placed before 2:00pm, Monday – Friday
You Heat & Eat


Our food comes pre-cooked in jars or flash frozen with heating instructions for every portion. An authentic experience you will be proud to serve to friends and family! Buon Appetito!
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How to place an order for delivery


Browse our online store and load your cart.


Choose between delivery or store pick up. 

Delivery is FREE on orders over $50. Orders are usually delivered within 24 hours, Monday to Friday only.

If selecting store pick up, please note our hours of operation, Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm, closed Saturday and Sunday.


You will receive an email or text message that we have received your order.

Products such as pasta, bread and some side dishes are delivered refrigerated or frozen. Please ensure that your items are placed in the refrigerator or freezer in a timely manner upon delivery/pickup.

Buon Appetito!


Are you a restaurant?

No, we sell cooked prepared food items such as Pasta, Sauce, Pizza, etc. that are in jars or flash frozen that you simply heat and serve. The food does not arrive hot.

Do you cater?

No, but we do provide some Family Meals that you can choose from. You can have a complete meal ready in under 30 minutes! Simply heat the items according to instructions and serving.

Do I boil the pasta?

No, simply place the frozen pasta directly into the sauce, cover and heat for about 5-8 minutes until thawed and enjoy.

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